7 of the Best Hiking Trails in the Burgh

Get out of town!

No, Seriously. Take a hike.

We gathered some of the best spots in the area to forget about your technology for a while and get some fresh air!

Warning: These trails don’t have wifi.

Settlers Cabin Park Trails

Settlers Ridge Photos by Kayla Cropper

Nestled by the Settlers cabin wave pool, Settlers Ridge Park and Trails is the perfect fall spot to watch the leaves fall. Only about 25 minutes from the city, these trails include two different waterfalls and plenty of unique views!

Frick Park Trails

Frick Park

Frick park is the perfect place for a play date with your pup, or to claim a new picnic spot. There are a total of 560 acres, and open areas for your dog to run free. The unique loop trails of Frick are a perfect urban escape from the bustle of the city.

Check out The Frick  museum nearby! (Admission is free wink wink)

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

North Shore, Downtown, Southside, Lawrencville

img_7942If you love to get exercise but don’t consider yourself a woodsy person, check out this network of trails that run along Pittsburgh’s rivers. You’ll find yourself in your own kind of concrete jungle as you bike, walk, or run with the city of Pittsburgh as your view. The North Shore Trail, Lawrenceville Trail, Millvale Trail, Eliza Furnace Trail, South Side Riverfront Trail, and Steel Valley Trail make up this hike as a whole! Just choose to start wherever is most convenient to your home.

McConnells Mills State Park

 Slippery Rock


The trails of McConnells Mills run through Perry, Slippery Rock, and Lawrence County. You’ll love this spot for hiking, finding treasures like a covered bridge and restored mill. Running water, and unexpected finds make your jogging adventure a little more exciting than usual!

North Park Trails

North Hills


North Park is a 3,075-acre county park located in the North Hills area just off of Perry Highway! It is the largest in the county’s 12,000 acre network of parks. The trails you’ll find here take you to fishing spots, tennis courts, and a sweet kayak spot. This Park also has a ton of rentable gazebo’s and opportunities to rent bikes and ride horses along the dirt trails!

P.S. Head over to the Boathouse that houses the ‘Over the Bar’ bicycle cafe for a bite to eat after your hike!

Great Allegheny Passage

Coraopolis, PA- Cumberland, MD

This trail is for the experts! A 150 mile non motorized route from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland makes for a story to tell as you saddle up for a long journey. Start your trip by grabbing your favorite mountain bike and hopping on the Montour Trail in Coraoplois, PA. You’ll have breathtaking views like no other, and it’s quite a thing to check off your bucket list. Secure your bike on your ride back with provided Amtrack!

…and If you’re no expert, just check out the trail that the journey begins on here. It’s a pretty and secluded trail full of local motivated runners and bikers.

Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve

Fox Chapel

img_7957Along with 5 miles of hiking trails, Beechwood Farms has Educational Classrooms, Audubon Nature Store, Audubon Center for Native Plants, DiscoverGround Nature Play Area, Teacher Resource Center, and Natural History Library. This reserve is great if you’re looking to make a day of you’re usual hike! Beechwood is abundant in plants and animal life, but please note dogs aren’t permitted on the hiking trails!

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