PGH Food Truck Don’t-Want-To-Miss List

Art takes different forms and means, and the art of the food truck is no exception. Luckily for us, the Greater Pittsburgh Area houses hundreds of vendors and restaurants bringing their take to this rising trend. As a self-proclaimed food truck enthusiast, I’ve made it a mission to try and promote as many as these local gems as possible. Some are harder to track down than others, but all overall definitely worth the hype.

This is a short list of a few of my favorite trucks and a wish list of trucks I’m still trying to hunt down. Feel free to share your personal favorites and suggestions in the comments below!

The Coop Chicken And Waffles


This place hands down blew me away. They took the classic chicken and waffles, and made it fresh, crisp, and simply fantastic. Their menu varies in sizes, also including waffle only dishes with a mixed variety of savory-sweet syrups to top it off.



Never underestimate the limits of hot dog toppings. Ranging from chili to peach jam, this truck got your hot dog cravings covered. My suggestion: order your top three to five and share amongst friends!


Mac & Gold


Mobile mac and cheese far from your grandmother’s recipe. This city’s cheesy favorite offers a generous serving of this comfort classic with seafood, buffalo chicken, pulled pork, and whatever and however your imagination stretches. I’ve personally never tried it, but my brother won’t stop raving about it.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society


This truck houses the most beautiful burgers I’ve ever seen, including a “In-N-Out” burger replica which is probably the closest we’ll get to the real deal here on the east coast. Also definitely order with a side of their loaded fries – they’ve managed to fit avocados on them like everything else great in the world these days.

Pittsburgh Crepes


With over the top combinations ranging from savory to sweet, you’ll be sold after the first bite. Perfect summer treat for one or to share (if you must).


South Side BBQ Company


One word that says it all: Bar-Ba-Cone. Their signature, most instagrammable dish is a waffle cone layered with mac and cheese, pulled pork, and coleslaw. A combination too good to be true, yet it actually is true. Definitely track this cone down.

Happy Camper Cakes


With dozens of flavors, in addition to being one of the cutest decorated trucks on the market, Happy Camper Cakes offers a unique dessert experience like no other. Each cupcake is unique and ever so delicious. My favorites? Can not go wrong with Pickled Pirate or Land That I Love.

Sugar & Spice


You scream, we all scream – especially for this ice cream. It’s hard to miss with its signature bright colors and long line (which of course goes fast). Its homemade selection makes it hard to choose just one scoop, but I always suggest the “walking sundae,” because it adds a dollop of whip cream and a cherry to the top of your favorite cone!


To keep it short and sweet, my appreciation for food trucks comes from my deeper appreciation for local, great, original, creative food. I appreciate food that pushes the right limits, and are unique without sacrificing great taste; each with it’s own story to tell. These mobile-food-serving-storytellers are a celebration of what good food and great risk-takers should do: bring people together in the best ways. So do yourself a favor, support a food truck, snapchat the heck out of it, savor the experience and go back for more.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Food Truck Tracking Tips:

  • Check out the business’s social platforms or websites for calendars, and mark down the dates they’ll be in your area. These outlets also list their menu and daily specials.
  • Heading to an outdoor festival this weekend or next? Contact the director to discover their line-up of trucks heading to the event.

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