North Pittsburgh Brewery Crawl

The craft beer scene in Pittsburgh is on the upswing. Need proof? You can visit 7 breweries in 7.7 miles! We’ve mapped out the perfect route for a brewery crawl north of the Allegheny River. We even tested it out for you.

We made it to 6/7 breweries in 4 hours! Think you can beat that? Follow our North Pittsburgh Brewery Crawl route below!

1. Allegheny City Brewing
North Side

Beers and board games—is there a more perfect match?

507 Foreland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

2. Penn Brewery
North Side

Sipping some bier surrounded by cobblestone, you’ll be transported right to Germany!

800 Vinial St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

3. Spring Hill Brewing
Spring Hill

IMG_7019 2.jpg

This farmhouse brewery would make you forget you were anywhere near the city if you couldn’t see the UPMC building peaking out above the trees.

1958 Varley St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

4. Grist House Craft Brewery


Patios, puppies, and pints—man’s best friends!

10 E Sherman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

5. Strange Roots Experimental Ales


The creative brewing process is brought to life at the colorful Strange Roots taproom and patio.

501 E. Ohio St. Millvale, PA

6. Dancing Gnome Beer

Learn from our mistakes: start your crawl early enough to make it to Dancing Gnome before closing time!

925 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

7. Hitchhiker Brewing

Gamers delight! Pair your beer with pinball.

190 Castle Shannon Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Untitled design (1)

What’s your favorite North Pittsburgh brewery? Which area should we map out next? Tell us in the comments below!

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