Young Professional Spotlight: Kelsey Lynn

The future looks bright, we promise!

Here at pittstopblog, we understand how frustrating and confusing life out of college can be. When your post-college plans don’t go exactly as you imagined, it can be tempting to give up hope. For that reason, we are reaching out to young professionals who inspire us and asking them to share their stories and advice for all of you out there trying to start your careers.

Check out our Q&A with Kelsey Lynn, a University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown alumni beginning her career as a Senior Workflow Administrator at BNY Mellon in downtown Pittsburgh.


Name: Kelsey Lynn

Age: 22

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA (Robinson Township)

Education: Business degree with a concentration in Accounting and Management from University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Interests & Passions: Steelers football, brunch, Mumford and Sons and country music

Occupation: Senior Workflow Administrator at BNY Mellon

PS: How did you find out about this position?

KL: I was a temporary employee of BNY immediately after graduation. A friend that my father grew up with is a recruiter for the company and she had reached out to me about the position because it was a permanent position as opposed to my temporary job.


PS: Tell us about the interview process.

KLBecause I was already in the company’s system, it was actually quite easy to get an interview because BNY hires from within before reaching externally for applicants. I had an interview with my soon-to-be manager and by the end of the week I was offered the position!


PS: What do you think you did to make them want to hire you?

KL: Already being an employee for the company did a lot, for sure. Having that previous position gave me a lot of experience in what I was going to be doing, so I was able to speak with the manager and connect with what she was implying my position would entail. I did a lot of research on what a “Workflow administrator” actually is, because that title isn’t exactly descriptive of the job. Knowing what I was getting into, even in the most general sense, I think helped a lot.


PS: What have you learned in your first few months in the real world?

KLNetworking is something everyone always told me is key, but I never believed it. It is so true! Always introduce yourself to higher-ups and make yourself known! You never know when you’re going to need that face-to-face interaction to be remembered. Also, I’ve learned that although some places may be very old fashioned in the way they do business, I’ve met and known so many people in different companies than my own, where many employers are adapting to the younger generation. In my department, I’m able to wear jeans and a T-shirt everyday and can listen to music all day long. I never expected adulting to be so laid back.


PS: What made you want to begin your career in Pittsburgh?

KLWell, I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh and (you can even ask anyone who knows me) I never want to leave. I love this city and all of the various opportunities that it has to offer. It’s such an amazing city that grows expansively each year that I honestly don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to begin their career here.


PS: What are your professional goals?

KLI would love to continue moving up in BNY if possible but I would like to eventually go back to school and go to graduate school to further my career.


PS: What advice do you have for other young people trying to start their careers?

KLIf you’re having problems getting jobs because of experience, don’t underestimate temporary employment agencies. I was so skeptical about them because it’s not guaranteed employment after the contract, but companies often hire on after contract! Don’t sell the agencies short, because they want you to get the job just as much as you want to get the job. And even if it doesn’t work out, any experience is good experience.


To learn more about Kelsey, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Do you know an inspiring young professional we should spotlight? Drop us a line!

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