Pittstop in San Francisco

I finally had the opportunity to take my first trip out to the West Coast and make a Pittstop in San Francisco! The whirlwind of a trip was short but very sweet. I’m dishing about my favorite San Francisco spots below.

Pittstop’s Picks

6. The Full House House


If you grew up on ’90s sitcoms, the house from Full House makes a great backdrop for a photo op! Head to 1709 Broderick St.

While the opening credits give the illusion that the Tanner family lives across the street from a scenic park, this house actually sits on a residential road. Once you snap your picture, there’s not much else to see.

If that doesn’t sound worth it, you can visit the real park from the opening and check out the historic Painted Ladies instead.

5. In-N-Out Burger



Any trip to the West Coast warrants a stop at In-N-Out Burger. Order your fries “animal style!”

4. Pier 39



This spot topped all the travel guides and all lists of recommendations. Pier 39 is the ultimate San Francisco tourist destination, and I loved every bit of it! You must check out the sea lions lounging on the dock.

The pier boasts enough attractions and activities to keep you busy for hours, along with restaurants for every taste. After snapping a quick picture outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., I enjoyed a scenic and delicious lunch at Pier Market.

3. Jones



All great trips are planned around great food. The lush garden patio at Jones served as the perfect happy hour spot to meet with coworkers. Check out the happy hour menu for reasonable bites and drink specials!

2. Golden Gate Bridge


No matter how many times you’ve seen it in photos, the magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge will shock you. Whether or not you should check out the Golden Gate Bridge is no question—the real question is where you will find the best view.

I snapped some pictures near the Golden Gate Welcome Center, but this bridge has no bad angles. Do some research to find your favorite! You can also walk or drive across the bridge into the city of Sausalito.

1. Lands End


My favorite spot in San Francisco was not on my initial itinerary. When I was running a bit ahead of schedule, I remembered my dad gushing about the sights at Lands End. I requested an Uber ride to the coast, and I was far from disappointed.

Walking the trails, I felt so far from the bustling city I had spent the day running around. I kept my hike short (as I was very unprepared and wearing a maxi skirt) but wished I had a few more hours to spare. If you have the opportunity to watch the sunset from Lands End, I will be very envious of you!

This wraps up my trip to San Francisco! Who is feeling ready for a trip out west?

Comment below to let me know what I need to add to my itinerary for my next San Francisco trip!

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