Drinking Game for Holiday Family Gatherings

Take a sip of your drink when…

Your grandpa asks what grade you are in (even though he attended your graduation)

You are told to put your phone away

Relatives make you look at pictures of their pets +take another sip if they call them your “puppy cousins”

Your aunt asks why you didn’t finish your helping of her vegetable side dish

Someone spoils a show you’re watching on Netflix

Chug for 15 seconds when…

Someone mentions old family drama

Your cousin says the family should film a “Mannequin Challenge” video

Someone acknowledges that you haven’t dropped the extra college pounds

Your mom yells at you to help with dishes

An elderly relative calls you by the wrong name

Take a shot when…

Someone asks about your job search

Your sibling tells an embarrassing story about you in front of the whole family

Your aunt and uncle brag about your cousin who has her life together

An out-of-town relative brings up the Steelers’ record

Someone questions your relationship status

Finish your drink when…

Someone brings up politics… and then get the hell out of there


Cheers, and happy holidays from Pittstop Blog!

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