Christmas in The City: A Timeless Tale That’s Changed A Lot

Silver and gold. That’s how I always saw it.

A standstill, almost as if in a snow globe, where all is async for a common purpose. The tune, Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima during the day, and Carol of The Bells softly lingering if caught after sunset. The sight, a step inside the revolving door entrance of Wintergarden, following a stroll from The Horne’s Tree, past Heinz Hall, continuing to circling the block around Kaufman’s windows, then down through Market Square. Every year we grow older and the lights seem dimmer, however the sight remains as you’ve always saw it.

Christmastime in Pittsburgh has changed significantly since we were kids. Buildings have changed shape and names, stores have evolved and become extinct, however each year it becomes brand new through the faces you get to share it with. It’s when your world, internally and externally, is put on pause for a moment of pure peace, and reconciliation that humanity at it’s best is pretty remarkable. It’s a moment that shifts yet refocuses your view.

If you are given a chance, celebrate the holidays this season. See a show with your parents, catch coffee with an old friend, and pass the tree at PPG place, then look back at it like you’ve never seen it before. There are plenty of beautiful sights to monumentally cross off your list, but bring along those who make it a memory.

Support your neighborhood, admire the hours of work that constructed the bliss, shop local, and give back where you seem fits best.

Silver and gold. That’s how it’ll always be.

Find details about holiday events in Pittsburgh:

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