Valentine’s Day Date Guide: What Couple Are You?

Sure, it’s easy to tell you and your significant other to grab dinner and a movie for this romantic holiday. But that doesn’t encompass the itinerary for how every couple wants to spend their special day. I’ve created some different date ideas for every personality in the spectrum, and if you don’t fit a “couple criteria” you can combine two different ideas for the perfect compromise with your sweetie!

The Adventurous Couple


You and yours use every holiday as an excuse to get out and do something new. Maybe try to put a romantic spin on your usual adventures. Have a Valentine’s picnic at a new hiking spot (bring some blankets and hot cocoa if it’s chilly) or plan a scavenger hunt for them to keep them on their toes.

A Pittsburgh plan for you: Do you enjoy both food and adventure? A ‘Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tour’ may be just the ticket for a fun Valentine’s Day experience down in the Strip District. (Details in Link)

The Romantic Couple


This holiday was made for you. The couple’s massage, the lingerie, the candlelight dinner, the whole nine yards. You two embrace Cupid’s arrow and try to do whatever you can to impress and pamper each other. Sometimes you do so much it can feel like your running out of ideas to keep the spark alive. Try planning a weekend getaway at a cozy cabin or scheduling a massage for the both of you. You’re pretty in touch with each other, so try planning a frivolous activity you know your partner has always wanted to do.

A Pittsburgh plan for you: What’s more romantic than a boat with a view of Pittsburgh? Check out The Gateway Clipper Valentine’s Day Cruises!

We know that post college living arrangements can mean you and yours still live with your parents. This can mean it’s difficult to have that much needed alone time. Try a romance package at a Pittsburgh hotel like the Omni William Penn or The Sheraton in Station Square!

The Goofy Couple


You two love to have fun. Spend your Valentine’s Day doing something that makes you both laugh (besides each other), like going to a nearby comedy club! Try taking an improv class together during the day if you’re the outgoing types and aren’t afraid to embarrass one another.

A Pittsburgh plan for you: Head over to The Improv at the Waterfront for ‘Valentine’s Day with Lisa Landry’. Lisa had her own comedy special on Comedy Central, and she’ll have you and yours cracking up all night.

The Artsy Couple


You guys are hipsters, right? So don’t do what everyone else is doing today. Try an art museum or your favorite author’s book reading, paired with the newest and trendiest gastropub. Maybe even hit up a Valentine’s Day themed ‘Painting With a Twist’ at one of their many locations!

A Pittsburgh plan for you: Check out this Valentine’s themed version of the I Made It! Market, the I Made It! Mine Market, in the Waterfront featuring handmade work from 45 local artists. (Details in Link)

The Fit Couple


The fact that it’s the biggest day of the year for couples out there doesn’t mean you’re skipping a workout. Try something a little less sweaty like a ballroom dance class. Go up to Seven Springs and do a little skiing with a relaxing post-ski hot tub sesh! Your heart will be racing for more than one reason.

A Pittsburgh plan for you: Why not have your couples workout do some good? The RSG1 Valentine’s Day 5k, 10k and 15k Race works to help everyone who suffers from brain tumors, cancer, Alzheimer’s, glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome, epilepsy, ALS, heart disease and diabetes. Register today! (Details in Link)

The Low-key Couple


You guys adore each other, but you’re not the ones to plaster it all over Instagram. You’re totally about making the holiday special for one another but could care less about elaborate plans. Cook a meal together and Netflix and Chill with a sappy flick that you can both get with. It’s as simple as that!

A Pittsburgh plan for you: If you don’t just feel like sitting on the couch, check out the Pittsburgh Symphony. It’s romantic and relaxing, and hey, you’re still sitting and laying low. If you’re aspiring cooks but need a little assistance, try a Valentine’s themed cooking class at Market District.

The Non-Mushy-Gushy-Lovey-Dovey-Couple


You have your own special way of showing affection, and that is…to not show any. It’s okay that you’re not all over each other, and most people might actually praise you for it. It’s still important to show each other you care on a day like this, although neither of you may want to admit it. Try cleaning the apartment for your special someone (something you maybe don’t do on a regular basis) or pick up that book they’ve been talking about reading since the pre-order date. You two can spend your night scrolling and poking fun of the over-the-top couples gushing over each other on Facebook.

A Pittsburgh plan for you: Before your throwing-shade sesh on all your cutest couple friends, head out to The Mattress Factory for brunch! Enjoy Salúd Juicery mimosas, Bloody Marys, brews from War Streets Brewery, a continental breakfast from the MF Café and free museum admission! Tickets are only $30! (Details in Link)

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