How To Make The Most of Valentine’s Day

Not in the mood for love and romance this Valentine’s Day? We’ve channeled our favorite Parks & Rec characters for inspiration to make the most of the holiday.

Celebrate like Leslie Knope


Leslie Knope is a woman with vision, and Galentine’s Day is definitely one of her best ideas. Spend February 13 brunching with your besties!

Celebrate like Tom Haverford

giphy (32).gif

You don’t need a significant other to get down on Valentine’s Day. Hit the town for an unforgettable night with the Jean-Ralphio to your Tom Haverford.

 Celebrate like Ron Swanson

giphy (36).gif

The difference between friends and food? Good food never lets you down.

Celebrate like Andy Dwyer

giphy (31).gif

This Valentine’s Day, focus on life’s simple joys.

Celebrate like April Ludgate

giphy (40).gif

Valentine’s Day is about showing people you care. Take a second to let your friends know you love them, and then you can go back to pretending like you hate everything.

Celebrate like Ann Perkins


Try out a new pick-up line! But maybe you should practice it first…

Celebrate like Ben Wyatt

giphy (44).gif

Don’t be afraid to geek out on Valentine’s Day. Do what makes you happy and forget what other people think!

Celebrate like Donna Meagle

giphy (37).gif

You deserve to show yourself some love. Treat yo self!

Celebrate like Jerry/Larry/Garry Gergich

giphy (45).gif

Make the people around you smile this Valentine’s Day, whether that means complimenting them or letting them laugh at you.

giphy (46).gif

Celebrate like Chris Traeger

giphy (42).gif

If you’re feeling down on Valentine’s Day, look for creative ways to see the good in the world around you!

Celebrate like Tammy

giphy (41).gif

Well… you know…

Which Parks & Rec character is your Valentine’s Day inspiration? Tell us in the comments!

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