8 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Pittsburgh

Everyone visiting Pittsburgh feels obligated to take a photo at one of the overlooks on Mount Washington to document their time in the city. While these overlooks do showcase stellar views of the skyline, there are many other awesome photo backdrops throughout Pittsburgh. If you’re planning a trip to the city, or just looking to up your Instagram game, here are a few unconventional photo-ops for you.

Photos by Andrea Savatt

Strawberry Way


This city street was converted into a vibrant, three-block mural as part of a project to make the Pittsburgh more pedestrian-friendly. They eliminated the traffic and added some neon tables and chairs, making it the perfect location to relax on your lunch break or snap an adorable selfie.

Eyeball Park


Many people hustle past here on their way to shows in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, but these interesting sculptures deserve a closer look. These eyeball-shaped benches in the Agnes R. Katz Memorial Plaza are ready for their close up!

Kayak Pittsburgh


Does this city even have a bad angle? Kayak Pittsburgh on the North Shore gives you an unconventional view of the Pittsburgh skyline! Bonus: this post will make you look adventurous and sporty to your Instagram followers. 

South Side


In addition to fabulous restaurants, bars and boutiques, Pittsburgh’s South Side also boasts some bold street art. These beautiful elephants, painted by local artist Baron Batch, are begging for a photo-op!

The Mattress Factory


Pittsburgh is home to many unique museums, and the Mattress Factory is one of our favorites. The contemporary art is certainly eye catching and definitely worth sharing with your Instagram followers!

One of Pittsburgh’s Many Bridges


What better backdrop is there to capture the spirit of the City of Bridges? There are plenty to choose from, but we don’t recommend the Liberty Bridge

PNC Park


There’s a reason PNC Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful ballparks in America. The stadium creates the perfect frame for the city skyline!



Randyland is a beautiful and eccentric public art display created in a courtyard outside of the Northside home of artist Randy Gilson. Dubbed “the happiest place in PA,” a visit to Randyland is sure to brighten your day (and your Instagram feed). You might even run into Randy himself while you’re there!

Do you know of any great spots that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments!

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