Two Must-Visit Pittsburgh Ice Cream Shops

September 22 marks the first official day of fall, so we at pittstopblog are making that our excuse to binge on ice cream for the next few days. Follow our lead, and check out these two local ice cream shops to keep the summer spirit alive.

NatuRoll Creamery


Lawrenceville is now home to Pittsburgh’s first rolled ice cream shop, NatuRoll Creamery. With this technique, the ice cream is prepared right in front of you. The ice cream batter is poured over an ice pan, mixed with your toppings and then rolled up as it freezes. This ice cream shop is fun to visit for people of all ages, with a variety of fun flavors to choose from.

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream


If you love unique ice cream flavors, you must check out Millie’s in Shadyside. The ice cream is made from all-natural milk and eggs from Western Pennsylvania farms to guarantee freshness. They also plan their fresh flavors around which ingredients are currently in season. Millie’s has thought of everything to ensure an enjoyable ice cream experience, from offering Lactaid to their lactose-intolerant patrons, to providing a place to set your cone while you check out.

Enjoy your last days of summer, and remember ice cream is a year-round treat!

Where is your favorite place to scoop up ice cream in Pittsburgh? Tell us in the comments!

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