Threadbare: Our New Favorite Fall Hangout

A trip to Threadbare Cider House on Pittsburgh’s North Side is the perfect plan for a fall afternoon. When we heard about the October 2017 grand opening of Wigle Whiskey’s sister company, we immediately planned a visit.


We’re an indecisive crew, so we opted for flights to sample all of the cider offerings. The flight includes four four-oz pours of cider, made from scratch on-site. Threadbare also serves cider cocktails and draft beer from Pennsylvania breweries.


We ordered the curd platter, which came with four varieties of cheese and homemade spent grain crackers. These were perfect portions for a little nibble in between meals, but we felt a little envious when we spotted the 12-inch pizzas delivered to the table next to us.


Sitting in the cozy dining area felt like a visit to grandma’s house. It’s the perfect atmosphere to relax after work or, in our case, to plan out blog content.


For $20, you can join the 45 minute Saturday tour of the cider house and about the fermentation process. Your ticket includes a cider cocktail to start and cider tastings throughout.


Even the bathroom wallpaper is totally instagrammable!


Visit Threadbare’s website for updated hours and upcoming events:

1291 Spring Garden Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Facebook: @threadbarecider

Instagram: @threadbarecider

Twitter: @threadbarecider


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