New Distillery Brings Classic Italian Liqueur to Pittsburgh

If you’ve visited Coraopolis lately, it’s evident a revitalization is underway. The once sleepy town is now buzzing with excitement. You’ll have a tough time finding a parking spot during the weekend as patrons gather at Cobblehaus Brewing Co. and Anchor and Anvil Coffee Bar.

A new business on 5th Ave. is adding to this resurgence in Coraopolis, drawing in customers from near and far.


“I saw the word distillery on the sign, and I threw my car into park!” I overheard an enthusiastic customer exclaim.

I’m extra excited to share this post with you, because I am the proud granddaughter and cousin of Bella Bambini’s founders—Jim Breen and Brittany Breen.


According to the owners, there are only four distilleries in the country that specialize in limoncello. While you can find limoncello in some liquor stores, there’s something special about BB Cello.

It’s stronger (BB Cello is 65 proof, while the liquor store offerings at 50 proof). It’s made locally from fresh ingredients. It’s completely handcrafted in the spirit of old-time Italian tradition. And it’s not just lemon.

Colorful bottles line the wooden shelves in the bright storefront. In addition to limoncello, BB Cello has perfected orangecello, blueberrycello and my personal favorite, pineapplecello. They are currently at work on their boldest creation—cafécello, made with coffee.


Jim, Brittany and business partner Mike Quinlan were drawn to Coraopolis because they considered it to be an up-and-coming town with lots of potential.  They wanted to be in this location so badly that they were willing to pay rent for 9 months before opening their doors.

At a successful grand opening on September 16, Bella Bambini received wonderful support from local residents and local business owners. A feature in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has prompted people from all over to take a trip out to the distillery, including residents of Brentwood, Butler, Cranberry, Bethel Park and even parts of Ohio.

Brittany wanted to honor her family in the design of the distillery. Amongst the shelves of cello, she proudly displays original artwork by her mother, Linda Breen.


A large steel sign behind the counter pays homage to family-run steel exporting business Jim owned and operated for many years.


Enjoy free tastings of BB Cello’s offerings at their distillery. Visit their website and social media for their most updated hours and information on upcoming events!

Facebook: @bellabambinicello

Instagram: @bellabambinicello

1042 5th Avenue, Coraopolis, PA 15108

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