Pittsburgh Rocks, Literally.

We love Pittsburgh for so many reasons. The sports teams, the food, the art and so much more. But what we love most is the thing that makes it all come together: the people.

A friend of mine stumbled upon a painted rock while she was taking a walk at the park. It was painted with a beautiful quote and on the back it read, “#PittsburghRocks Post a pic, and re-hide me.”

So she did just that. And found there was a whole community dedicated to these little guys. But what she found was so much more than she expected.

With nearly 6,000 members on Facebook, Pittsburgh Rocks exists as a movement consisting of acts of random kindness to unexpectedly brighten someone’s day. 

How it works

  1. Clean your rock. (You will find detailed instructions for this on the Facebook group)
  2. Decorate your rock. Add an inspirational quote or just a fun image that reflects you! Make sure to hashtag #PittsburghRocks somewhere on the rock so your finder will know what to do next.
  3. Post a picture of your rock. Come up with a fun hashtag that’s unique to your rock. This will connect you to whoever finds your work of art!
  4. Hide your rock. Choose a park or trail that is easily accessible so someone in the club can find it and continue to spread the word.
  5. Make someones day- if you’ve completed steps 1-4, you’ve already done this!

When we are creating, our mind is moved away from the stress in our lives and the issues in the world. When we hide rocks we are giving, and that just feels good.

Whether you’re just looking for an activity to do with a friend or you’re looking to make a difference in someones day, pick up a dirty old stone and turn it into something beautiful. Pittsburgh will thank you for it.

Wondering if you alone can make a difference in someones day? You can. Head to the Pittsburgh Rocks group on Facebook by clicking here and request to join! 

9 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Rocks, Literally.

    1. My husband & I are grandparents. We’ve played an integral role in helping love & raise our granddaughters for past 7 & 8 years (since their birth). Our son has since remarried. He & his new wife have decided we are NOT to be apart of our granddaughters lives or their newborn son (our grandson). Haven’t seen them for almost 4 months. Heartbreaking… The 7 year old is a huge wizard of oz fan! Watching the iconic film every spare moment since she’s been 2, dressed as Dorothy for Halloween x 4 years, collection of characters, & sweetly sings “over the rainbow”, all of which we cherish. Recently, she had a bday. Pap took a small bag with trinkets inside to her school. He asked her new principal if the bag could be given to our granddaughter, since we wouldn’t be seeing her & didn’t want her to think we forgot her! When Pap arrived home after work, he was heartbroken to find our son’s wife intercepted the small bag before our granddaughter received it & promptly left it in our driveway that morning… We cried & prayed God would give us a sign that we would one day be reunited with our beloved granddaughters & know our newborn grandson… We decided to take an impromptu drive & found ourselves stopping @ Target in Harmarville. When we returned to our vehicle, I caught a glimpse of a rock next to our vehicle on the base of a lightpost in the parking lot. As I walked towards the rock, I realized it may be one if those “inspiration rocks” I’ve read about! To my delight – IT WAS! The special message on that rock brought me & my husband to tears, tears of joy!
      We had prayed for a sign on our granddaughter’s bday… And they were answered with that single rock! In a parking lot, under a lightpost, next to our vehicle, at a store, in an area we rarely frequent. . . The yellow rock was dotted with red footprints and simply read – WIZARD OF OZ! ! !
      A gift for US on our granddaughter’s birthday! We wanted to share how thankful we are & how special that rock IS! & how God used your group to deliver inspiration & hope to a disheartened Pap & Gigi. God bless your group, esp #apples!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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