The Beer Ad That Brought Tears To My Eyes


Everyone’s opinion becomes stronger than ever before. Political and social views that were previously brushed over or non-existent are louder than ever. Why is that? It’s because we live in time that has been made so divided by recent events.

Maybe you agreed with the choices recently made, or maybe you were so against them you became more political than you’ve ever been. Maybe you’ve made family gatherings awkward or even unbearable. Maybe you filtered out Facebook friends that shared too many posts. Or maybe you lost a best friend when these recent times showed their true light.

You’re opinion may have been affected by the way you were raised, by the friends you made along the way, or by too much television; although no matter how strong your opinion may be, what if I told you it could all be changed by watching two people share a Heineken?

The recent beer commercial titled Worlds Apart popped up on my Facebook feed, and half way through I found myself extremely overcome with emotion. Granted I’m easily moved, but I really do believe even the most collected and serious being would well up with tears.

The makers behind the ad arrange a social experiment between groups of two people with opposing views. Their time together will make you question the way you’ve been thinking entirely.

Watch the ad for yourself and afterward take a step back at everything you feel so strongly about to ask yourself these questions:

Is there more that unites us as a human beings than divides us?

Have I ever judged another issue without talking to another person that’s actually going through it?

Did they change my mind once I did?

Do I want a Heineken now? Because if their beer is anything like their commercial..I want 7.

Here at Pittstop, we say “heck yeah” to Heineken for coming up with this awesome ad that got people talking. If you loved it too, check out their website to learn more about their #OpenYourWorld campaign. 

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