Hyped or Worth It Gift Guide

You’ve heard the buzz about the latest items and subscriptions. Some of these items are a little over your normal price point, so naturally you’re skeptical. But you’re willing to spend $40 on that water bottle for your girlfriend… if it really works. That’s why we’re here to give you the low down about you’re possible future investment to tell you if we think it’s hyped…or worth it! 

The S’well Bottle

Photo by S’well.com

Worth It

“This water bottle better clean my entire house for me and give me eternal life from drinking out of it to cost 40 bucks,” you say. Fair enough. But we think an almost indestructible companion that keeps your water cold for 24 hours and your coffee hot for 12 is worth the splurge. (We tested it out and our water stayed cold from 6 am when we filled it until 5 pm when we headed home!)

Plus, S’well aims to eliminate plastic bottles for the good of the environment while also partnering with several charities. Check out their mission here!

The Smart Watch



Look, we love Apple products just as much as the next. But sometimes it seems like they can get away with what other products would never just because of the brand they reside under. When I received an Apple watch for Christmas, I was ecstatic. It was everything I’d imagined in that sleek white box… until I put it on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a cool accessory that makes you feel Star-Treky or whatever, but it’s also just a fit bit that answers calls. Consider before you make this pricey choice.

Amazon Prime

Photo by amazon.com

Worth It

If you’re an avid online shopper, you probably already have this subscription, but if you’re late to the game we think that this one is a must. The membership fee for Amazon Prime goes for $99 per year or $10.99 per month. The first 30 days of the total subscription are free, and you can cancel anytime! The company is definitely dedicated to customer service, and we’ve rarely found hassle in dealing with them.

Bonus: Amazon Prime comes with free access to their movies, self-produced shows, and unlimited music…now that’s a deal.

Beats by Dre

Photo by beatsbydre.com

…we can’t decide

The smaller the better used to be the must-have when it came to headphones. Although when Beats by Dre launched in  2008, it brought back our retro walkman day feels. We think beats have a great sound, and are totally stylish. The new wireless version is super handy, especially for working out for an easy hands free experience. We do think, however, that there are plenty of other brands with a little better sound quality (Sony).

This could very well be our personal preference when it comes to the sounds we hear individually. They’re reasonable, especially on sale, so we don’t mind if you put a pair on your holiday wishlist.


giphy (4).gif

Worth It

Warning: your parents might laugh at you when you ask for a pair of these retro sandals. And they’ll probably laugh even harder when you tell them how much they cost… but we’re totally into the hippy chic kicks. Years ago, Birkenstocks defined a certain type of person, but now anyone will rock them. If you’re looking for a truly comfortable summer shoe we found these to be worth it. They seem to mold to your feet as you wear them!

Keep in mind this good-for-your-feet shoe is a trend. That means it can be uncool just as fast as it became cool. Make sure these stay true to your personal style before you slip on a pair.

Virtual Reality Headsets


It depends…

We all need a little escape from reality from time to time, and now there’s a way we can do it. Literally. You’ve probably seen the Samsung commercial of various people putting the headset on and seconds later laughing and even…crying? Kind of makes us want to know what they’re looking at. We’ve come to the conclusion that this gift is pretty sweet. I’ll take jumping out of a plane without actually doing it any day. If you’re a tech geek this gift is for you. If it’s something you think you’ll only pick up once a month, there are much less expensive options here for the iPhone and more!

3D TV’s

giphy (3).gif


There are totally movies that are a must-see in 3D…but we think they should just be reserved for a trip to the movies. The 3D televisions seem like an awesome splurge gift, but the downsides are everyone watching needs a pair of glasses, those glasses need recharged often, and popular outlets such as apple offer no 3D movie versions of your favorite films. Consider spending your money on some tickets to the new superhero flick instead and treat yourslef with an icey and big bucket of popcorn.



Worth It

Many of you have heard of this widespread beauty revolution that comes in a tiny box. Yes, many argue that it’s an overpriced novelty and it very well may be. Although, if you ask any woman that uses a beauty product they may tell you that this monthly subscription solves all the problems they’ve ever had. This company allows you to test products before you buy the full sized ones, and it only costs $10 a month!

If you’re looking for a gift for your well-groomed boyfriend or brother, Birchbox has a version for men! Check it out here.

Edible Arrangements 


I can’t say I haven’t loved every single chocolate covered strawberry I’ve received via delivery. Edible arrangements are truly the perfect thoughtful treat for several occasions that you’re just stumped on. Although, it’s a little pricey for some fruit on a stick. If you’re strapped for cash, try making your own! Or even just whipping up a fruit basket with some extra chocolate treats. Sure, it’s going to take you longer but it’ll be just a little more personal and you’ll save some dough.

All gifs provided by giffy.com

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