Street Style

Pittsburgh is highly underestimated when it comes to fashion. We’ve seen plenty of trendy Burgh trotters out and about on any day of the week, so why not show them off! With up and coming trend spots like Lawrenceville and Shadyside, it’s hard not to see style inspiration all around us. Put on your best threads, because our eyes will be peeled for you…

…and if we see someone’s outfit that is blog-worthy, they might just make our page… *wink wink*

The Edgy Bohemian



Name: Caroline

Age: 23

Where are you headed? Walking to my lunch break at American Eagle Headquarters in  the Southside.

How would you describe your style? A mix of Bohemian and edgy, depending on the season!

What is your favorite place(s) to shop? Zara and Free People

Dress your best and look out for the Pittstop Crew girls scanning the streets of Pittsburgh with their camera!

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