Guide to Your Perfect Halloween Costume

It’s time to tackle the biggest October dilemma: your Halloween costume. Does anyone else always come up with the perfect Halloween costume on November 1, write it down as a note in their phone and then forget about it by the time the holiday actually rolls around?


Many students get lazy with their Halloween costumes, tossing on a Mean Girls inspired little black dress and animal ears. And we get it, because why spend time and money on a well thought out costume if the police are going to break up your party before you even finish pregaming? But this year, you have solid plans and need a killer costume! We’ve put together a guide to help you come up with your perfect Halloween costume.

DO: Get inspired by pop culture


If you’re having a hard time coming up with an idea for a costume, pay attention to the things going on around you. Watch the news, flip through a magazine or scroll through the trending shows on Netflix. We are totally feeling these costumes, inspired by Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s Feeling Myself music video.

DON’T: Go with the obvious

Halloween drinking game idea: Take a shot for every gorilla costume you see this year (RIP Harambe)While it’s fun to have a relevant costume, it’s totally boring to look identical to everyone else. Try to think outside the box!

DO: Look for inspiration in unexpected places

How do you come up with a costume you’re guaranteed to love? Base it off of something else you love! Your favorite food could make for a hilarious and adorable DIY costume. Is anyone else suddenly craving Chipotle and sushi?

DON’T: Involve politics

Step away from the orange makeup, and put away the pantsuit. Halloween is a night to escape from reality and have a good time, so don’t ruin your time by getting into political “debates” with strangers—that’s what Facebook is for.

DO: Play on words

Hawaiian Punch, Ceiling Fan… the punny possibilities are endless! Show off your sense of humor by putting together the perfect play on words.

DON’T: Dress like a clown

Self-explanatory. Just don’t do it.

DO: Recreate a classic


If you’re still drawing a blank, consider doing your own rendition of a classic costume. You don’t need a brand new idea to have a kickass costume; just pick your favorite character, commit to it and own it! This werewolf costume would definitely win a costume contest and have us totally spooked.

We want to know what you’re wearing, Pittstoppers! Comment below to share your costume ideas with us.

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